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Need something interactive for users to work with data? Dashboards, visualizations, database backend. We write snappy, scalable and well documented app. Shiny is a great way to democratize information you already have.
Looking to expose R computations to the rest of your organization? Plumber is a pretty simple way to do that. We can facilitate its use within your team by helping you exploit its maximum potential.
Have some long-running piece of script? Need it to go faster? We can definitely handle that. We are borderline obsessed with performance, within budget. Sometimes you just need 80% improvement, and it is ok. If you need to go all the way, you might "C" a bit of C++.
Be it contributing to existing open source packages or setting up an internal minicran with your own packages, we are always up for a pull request. Packages are the best way to share code between collaborators.
We get it, sometimes stuff in production break. A Docker image is not building properly. Maybe you experience performance regression. It needs to work yesterday, and it puts a lot of pressure on the organization. We have been in these shoes and found solutions where most would have surrendered.
Working with geographical information in R is not that complicated. It can do all the heavy lifting that other GIS do. You should empower your internal cartographers. We can also build maps and custom map tiles to fit your need.
Every data scientist knows 90% of the job is massaging data. We build data ingestion pipelines to feed modelling needs. Once the science part is done, we can support deployment to production.
Quick prototyping if you can extract value from the data you have. We can also peer review existing models. The best models are built by domain experts. We merely provide them with the tools and process to deliver value.
Who said proven techniques could not still solve business problems. Not everything has to be deep learning. Choose the right tool for the job.
Gradient boosting is a great tool when fine-tuned. Let us guide you on how to be a successful user. We can help with feature engineering and hyper parameters tuning.
We work with most cloud providers that have a data center in Canada. Cloud infrastructure is great for surge workload and on-demand computing.
  • Google
  • DigitalOcean
  • Azure
  • AWS
Use GitHub actions and similar tools to automate most repetitive tasks around code management. Setup tests, validate commits or deploy to production all in one go. Harness the power of app containerization when it makes sense.
We can help configure RStudio server, Shiny server or notebook server. We know our way around security integration, nginx and notebook kernels installation. Furthermore, we have experience compiling GPU backed machine learning libraries, so you will not have to dig through CUDA documentation.